Top 8 Cities Around The World For Vegans To Visit!

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cities for vegans around the world

Best Cities for Vegans Around The World : 

A lot of people are vegetarian by choice in the modern world leaving behind the myth that vegetarianism stems only from certain religions. While non-vegetarian foodies travel the world to taste some of the most delicious meat dishes ever, vegans need not lag behind. There are several top cities in the world that have already caught up with the vegan trend and are dedicated to serving some of the most delicious vegetarian food. Listed here are some of the best cities for vegans around the world that dedicated vegetarians will love visiting.

best cities for vegans around the world

New York City

One of the most traveled to cities in the United States, New York is also among the top vegan cities in the world. Vegan restaurants and food trucks have changed the culinary scene in New York with scores of people changing their opinions about vegetarian food. Several swanky food joints, pizza parlors, and restaurants have come up in New York that caters to anyone and everyone ranging from the common man right up to the celebrities. The choices are endless when it comes to vegan food joints in New York.

best cities for vegans around the world: Tel Aviv

Consistently ranked high on the list of best vegan cities in the world, Israel’s Tel Aviv is a vegan traveler’s paradise. This stunning seaside city hosts the famed Vegan-Fest Tel Aviv, the world’s largest vegan festival. Veganism is a proud way of life here and impressively dominates the food scene in the city. In fact, veganism is so popular here that it has overtaken dairy in terms of popularity. With an incredibly healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, the focus lies on fresh vegetables, lentils, seasonal fruits, chickpeas, and other legumes.

best cities for vegans around the world: Berlin

Replete with more vegan restaurants than any other city in the entire continent, Berlin remains Europe’s vegan capital. Local vegans that run exclusively vegan restaurants believe in not causing inconvenience to anyone’s dietary restrictions. An added bonus is the fact that given Berlin’s low prices, vegan food is quite affordable. Having said that, upscale choices abound in plenty as well here. There are several high-end places where you can enjoy a complete five-course vegan meal.

best cities for vegans around the world: Taipei

Owing to the dominance of Buddhism, Taipei stands for cruelty-free eating and is considered one of the top 10 cities for vegan travelers. Their culture’s esteemed respect for all living things, including animals, drives them to this level of dedication. Chefs in Taipei are now experimenting with local cuisine using fresh ingredients and international flavor. They offer Fruitful Food, which is an upscale, meat-free buffet with international dishes that range from Indian curries to Sushi and Pasta dishes.

best cities for vegans around the world: Toronto

With a marked increase in Toronto’s vegan joints and other plant-based eateries, the largest city in Canada is among the best vegan cities to visit in the world. Featuring beet-burgers and crab-free cakes, the vegan food joints in Toronto have pushed forward even further the already in-full-swing vegan mode in the city. Tori’s Bakeshop is a great place to explore when it comes to awesome vegan food choices. During its evening hours, it also serves as Canada’s very first vegan wine bar.

best cities for vegans around the world: Honolulu

Taking absolute advantage of its bountiful fresh tropical produce, Honolulu in Hawaii is fast becoming a favorite vegan hotspot in the remarkable Pacific. There are plenty of options when it comes to vegan food joints in Honolulu offering some of the best ever vegan cuisine. With live music, resto-bars, a stunning decor and a vegan option for every item on the menu, these vegan food joints are the go-to places in Honolulu. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the best cities in the world for hardcore vegans to visit.

best cities for vegans around the world: Melbourne

One of the most popular travel destinations in Australia, Melbourne is also among the best vegan cities in the world. With the vegan movement barreling across the city brakeless, there are scores of vegan food joints that have come up in this remarkable city. Red Sparrow Pizza offers incredible vegan options for your unquenchable pizza fix, while Girls and Boys dessert bar is the new dairy and egg-free joint where you can indulge your sweet-tooth. For an upscale vegan dining experience, head to Transformers.

best cities for vegans around the world: Chennai

In a country where nearly half the population has vegan diets, it isn’t really a difficult task to find delectable vegetarian food. Chennai, one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in India and the capital of Tamil Nadu state is among the best places to head to if you wish to partake of mouthwatering vegan food. Owing in part to its location in South India which is generally known for using fewer dairy products and meat in everyday cooking, Chennai is among the best cities for vegans around the world to visit on cheap flights to India.

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