Tips To Make Your Honeymoon Memorable

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Honeymoon happens once in life. You always try to make it the most special so that you can start a new journey of your life on a sweet and romantic note. No matter how many times you have travelled with your partner before marriage and how many times you will travel with them later, but the first one after marriage always has that special spark in it.

To make a romantic honeymoon story Hindi, one can choose some exotic locations in India which will make your honeymoon a cherish able memory for ever. One might be in a lot of confusion when it comes to decide a location or place for honeymoon. To be very honest, the destination should be somewhere which will be loved by both. It can be a quiet hills station or a serene sea beach or can be a royal palace which has a strong history. But once the destination is chosen, you have to make the journey memorable on your own.

Agumbe Rain forest

Adventurous enough to go to a place for honeymoon in a heavy monsoon? This can be your pick. As the name goes rain forest; it is the best thing to be viewed in rains. This place is a small village in the state of Karnataka which observes the heaviest rainfall in the southern part of India. That is why; this place is also called as the Cherrapunji of south. There are tall waterfalls and a lot of plants which are not observed elsewhere. Some animals that one can get to see here are giant squirrels, great hornbill, king cobra, lion tailed macaque.


The golden city with the golden fort in Rajasthan. The huge fort made of yellow sand stones make this place look beautiful and elegant as well. One can take a safari to the Thar Dessert and can visit till the Pakistan borders. Jaisalmer is full of colors and it is a hub of culture where you can spend a colorful holiday with your spouse.

Jim Corbett National Park

One of the top wild life sanctuaries in the entire world, this is the oldest national park of India. This was found in the year 1936 and is named after the famous hunter and story teller Jim Corbett who saved the lives of local people of Rudraprayag from a man eating tiger. This sanctuary mainly reserves the tigers from Bengal. The dense forest amidst the Himalayas is an ecstatic view for the travellers. So, if you love wild animals and greeneries around, then this is the right place for you.


The combination of breath taking Himalayas and roaring Teesta River will leave you speechless once you step in to Sikkim. The mist clad mountains and the wavy waterfall matches its perfect cold weather. Then there are many unexplored valleys and beautiful monasteries which one cannot give a miss. So if you are up for a hilly abode for honeymoon, this can top the list.

If one is trying to find out places for honeymoon love story in Hindi they can take help from travel sites online.

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