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Camping is one of the most exciting outdoor activities travelers love to do. Whether you’re holidaying on a tropical island or enjoying the dense forests of a lush green location, camping at any of these places holds thrills of its own. But if you happen to be a first-time camper, you’ll be plagued with the question ‘how to select a good campsite?’ To answer this, following are a few tips to help you in choosing the perfect campsite.

Zeroing in on the location

The first and most important thing you need to do is to zero in on a suitable location to camp. Depending on where you are, pick a location that is in close vicinity to places and things you might need. Some of the key things you need to keep in mind when choosing a location are –

  • Is the ground flat enough to set up camp?
  • Is the campsite in close proximity to water and other essential things?
  • The campsite preferably shouldn’t be at the bottom of a hill or cavern as the air gets unimaginably cold there at nighttime.
  • Make sure you’re not set up in the middle of wildlife if you wish to avoid unwanted midnight visitors.

Picking the perfect spot

When you’re done picking a location, the next step is to choose the perfect spot where you’ll set up your tent. Keep in mind the size of your tent and the things you are carrying when doing this. Make sure the area you’re about to set up your tent in is flat and covered in natural materials such as leaves or sand so that it’s softer to lie down on than hard-packed dirt. Also make sure the ground is dry as wet ground is more thermally conductive. Another thing to keep in mind is that there’s no threat of the area being flooded in case it rains. You can never predict the weather and if it happens to suddenly rain, there are good chances of the groundwater getting inside your tent. 

Make sure the campsite has enough shade

Whatever the weather, shade over the campsite is one of the most essential things to have. Take a look around the area and study what types of trees are growing. Avoid camping under trees like the gum tree which is known to notoriously drop its limbs unexpectedly. These trees are called “widow makers” for a reason and it’s hence, best to keep a safe distance from them. In fact, avoid camping under any large tree with dry, hanging boughs that may fall anytime. Lively, strong trees are the best option as there is lesser of a risk of you being pummeled by a branch as you sleep. For those who are hammock lovers, choose your campsite likewise.

The vital aspect of toilet and access to water

These are most important to consider when picking a campsite. If you happen to be a nature lover but prefer plumbing when it comes to toilets, make sure your campsite is well in close proximity to the nearest town where you’ll have access to clean toilets. Make sure the distance is as less as possible so you don’t have an issue going back and forth as many times as you need. Another important thing to consider is if you will have access to plenty of drinking water wherever it is you are camping. If you’re not a fan of natural springs, then make sure you get plenty of clean water from the town and replenish whenever you need to.

How close is your campsite to that of others?

Are you the type of camper that needs utmost privacy or are you the type that can’t do without company? Depending on whichever your answer is, make sure your campsite is at a suitable distance from the other campers. If you like company, you could even ask your fellow campers and camp along with them. However, even if you prefer to be by yourself, it is still a better option to be a little nearer to the other campsites as you never know what you may need help with. Emergency situations don’t come with a warning and it always helps to have a few helping hands in close proximity should you need any assistance. 

How safe is your campsite?

Follow the above tips on how to pick the best campsite and you will easily be able to answer this question. Your campsite location, its proximity to emergency services access, and the quality of its locale are all vital to answering the above question. Whether you’re booking cheap flights to India to camp here or are headed to the Australian outbacks, any campsite must be a safe one. Make sure to check with local authorities that the area is a safe one. Keep a list of all emergency contact numbers in hand and make sure your loved ones are always aware of your whereabouts at all times. Remember, a good campsite isn’t always discovered, it’s one that is made. Keep the above tips in mind and have a safe, happy camping trip!

Author Bio: Laxman is enthusiastic about travelling and then writing down his travel experiences to narrate them to people. He spends most of his time in the lap of mother Earth and also likes to listen to the stories of unknown people. His articles are sometimes inspired from strangers while others are very much his own tales to tell.

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