Things to Consider When Choosing the Right School

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The future of the world is built within a classroom. The importance of a top notch education should never be taken lightly. When choosing the right school for your child, there are various aspects to be taken into consideration. Given the various boards of education available in India, choosing between CBSE and ICSE is essential.

Choosing the CBSE syllabus

There are various reasons why the CBSE syllabus is widely preferred. Some of them are as follows:

  • There is a high focus on the sciences and Mathematics in addition to the application based subjects. This is valuable for preparation for medical and engineering courses and entrance examinations.
  • The Continuous and Comprehensive Education (CCE) system that has been implemented from 6th to 10th grade works on a grading system that values both curricular and extracurricular activities and promotes all round development.
  • It is more concise than ICSE
  • Various scholarship and national talent search examinations base their questions off the CBSE pattern, hence giving students studying in the system a comparative advantage.
  • Widely adopted and therefore it is easier to find tutors and books for all grade levels.

Checklist before Choosing the Right School

While looking through a cbse school list in Bangalore, looking for these specific details will make the shortlisting process easier. Taking the help of a website to compile the list as well as essential details such as the window during which admissions are open.

  1. The philosophy of the school is reflected in the way the child is taught and treated. In a child-centric approach, the academic environment is crafted to allow the child to develop as an individual in various aspects – emotional, social, and physical – and equip them with the skills necessary to achieve his/her maximum potential.
  2. The regularity of parent-teacher interactions as well as how comfortable such interactions would be play a huge role. Learning doesn’t end at school and hence, the engagement with parents implemented by the school matters.
  3. The qualifications of the teaching faculty in terms of both training and experience are important factors that determine how effective the teaching at school will be. Apart from this, the teachers should also be empathetic and sensitive towards the child.
  4. The infrastructure of the school is an important consideration. The classrooms, sporting facilities, library as well as transport facilities are important factors. They create the environment in which the child is to learn.
  5. Taking care of the child’s physical as well as emotional health is necessary. In that regard, a school counsellor points towards a healthy approach in the school towards various conditions like anxiety and depression in addition to learning disorders.
  6. The amount of encouragement additional interests like dance, music, and fine arts provided within the school is a factor to consider. They ensure that passion and creativity are not stomped out of the child.

Given all this, after getting a cbse school in Bangalore list, verifying the credentials and assessing their suitability of the school for your child is important. Each child is different; it is therefore important to choose a school that has an environment in which your child will thrive.

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