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5 best beaches in India

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Exploring is one of the main activities people do in India, as there are many different things to explore in this beautiful place. India on all three sides is surrounded by Water bodies and there are even islands where we have water on all 4 sides. You might have guessed about the topic which is the beaches, and today we will be talking about the 5 best beaches in India.

We have a large 7500 KM long coastline where we can relax and sit on the easy chair to take a nice sunbath. Let us look into the best beaches and talk about the best 5, let us first enlist them then we will talk about them in detail:


Beaches and Goa both are the same words. Goa happens to be the party capital of India. You can see the people having a nice time sunbathing, swimming, parasailing and much more. If you are looking for some beach blast than Goa happens to be conducting some or the other beach party for the tourists and even the residents. One of the most famous beaches of Goa happens to be the Baga Beach in North Goa. Tourists also like to visit Goa as here the beaches might remind them of the beaches which they find in their country. Goa beaches offer a number of different water sports which one can enjoy easily. Goa is also well connected to the rest of the places in India, all of which makes Goa one of the best in the country.

Beaches in Goa
Beaches in Goa

Ganpatipule, Maharashtra

This beach is situated in the coastal area of a tiny coastal town in Maharashtra. The beach is a grand one and is the most spectacular beach you will find on the Konkan coast. Although the beach is grand but equally beautiful with red sand and shallow water till deep inside the sea, which makes it the ideal place if you are looking a beach for swimming with your friends. The place is on the way to Ratnagiri from Mumbai and hence transportation is also not a problem. Ganpatipule is quite famous for the Ganesh temple wherein it is believed that the statute originated from the ground. You can reach the place easily which is just 35KMs away from the famous Jaigad Fort.

ganpatipule beach maharashtra
ganpatipule beach maharashtra


Talking about some of the beaches from South India, as they are well organized than the one we find in North India. Kovalam basically is a fishing village which recently has grabbed a lot of tourist attention. The nightlife of the place have developed in quite an attractive way, and the lighthouse of the place is pristine. The coconut trees in Kovalam are placed in a straight line which forms a really great pattern which is pleasing to be seen by the eyes, as photographs and videos cannot do justice with the beauty of the place. You can even surf the waves at the beach of Kavalam which is quite a unique thing to be found in India.


This place is well known for the sunbaths which the tourists take, or the restaurants of the place which are famous for the seafood. Mahabalipuram happens to be a perfect beach destination for a holiday. Wind Surfing and Swimming are some of the water activities which you can perform at the beach here.  There are even many different temples such as the Pandava Rathas and Varaha Cave, these are from the 7th century and is a must-see place if you are visiting nearby.

Mahabalipuram Beach
Mahabalipuram Beach

Marari, Kerala

This place is the secret ingredient of India with which India can grab the attention of foreign tourists looking for some beautiful places. The state having the vibrant colors of the green bushes and the see with floating boats. The town is cultivating the beauty all around in plenty. The Marari beach resort of the place is one of the famous beaches and will help you to get to the best beaches of the place. Beaches here are quite good with a lot of greenery making Marari the best place to be in to celebrate the holidays.

These are our pick for the Best 5 beach destinations in Asia, do let us know your list in the comment section below.

5 best beach destinations of Asia

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Koh Samui Chaweng Beach

Planning your year end? If yes then we are going to help you with some of the best beaches in Asia if you don’t want to leave your continent, or looking something nearby only. These beaches are the best when it comes to overall comfort, the enjoyment and the best part happens to be the environment you will get to enjoy the real beach feeling. Beaches are the best when it comes to relaxing and taking great sunbaths, not only the beach part but cities with beaches have their own charm and you have much more options to enjoy your stay at the place in a unique manner.

Today we will be taking about 5 such beach destinations in Asia where you can enjoy your year-end and get some memories for the next year. These places are surely gonna fill you with energy so you can get power to enjoy the next year with the tough times in office. You can visit these places both with your friends or with your family. Let us first enlist all the 5 destinations then we will talk about them in detail:

  • Goa, India
  • Yunokawa, Kahodate, Japan
  • Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Sipadan, Malaysia
  • Beidaihe, China

Goa, India

Goa happens to be one of the beach destinations of Asia. Since 1960’s the place has been the best tourist spot of India, and now one of the best magnet of India to attract tourists. There are many beaches in Goa and among them are crowded while many others happen to be free from the rush, and you can get some good deals there with beach hut accommodation too. if you are looking for a luxury vacation with private beach and casino, Goa is a heaven for that too. If you are looking to get some good adventure of sky gliding, and want to see some good Sun Sets, and also enjoy one of the best nightlife in Asia then you must head to Goa.

private beach resort in Goa
private beach resort in Goa

Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand happens to be the beach destinations in Asia for youngsters looking for a thrill, for enjoyment, and for relaxation. Hence the best beach from Thailand had to be included in the list, and it is here. Koh Samui is one of the best beaches of Thailand and does include a number of pros to entertain you fully on your vacation to the best beach destination in Asia. Lamai beach, Chaweng beach is the must-visit beaches of the place. Here you will get all kind of water sports and will also get delighted by the awesome sunsets at the place.

Koh Samui Chaweng Beach
Koh Samui Chaweng Beach

Sipadan, Malaysia

If you are in love with deep sea diving, then you will be choosing this place for the same. The place is surrounded by corals and the marine ecosystem around the place is quite healthy, hence you can easily spot sharks and turtles which are there in plenty.

Sipadan is quite strict for its surrounding and if you are a deep see the diving fan and want to visit the Barracuda Point then you must be booked much before as they don’t allow more than 120 dives a day, and you have to be lucky to be one of them.

Yunokawa, Kahodate, Japan

The word Yonokawa means the area of hot spring, and you are going to get some good deserted beaches all around the town of Kahodate, where you can enjoy with your friends and even family. The best time to visit the place is in the winter months, and you will surely enjoy the cold breezes. The beach happens to be deserted during the peak time is due to tourists opting for Sapporo where they can even ski. So if you are looking for some private time with your friends or loved ones then the beach is the perfect place for you.

Yunokawa Kahodate Japan Beach
Yunokawa Kahodate Japan Beach

Beidaihe, China

Names in China are quite confusing but everyone must have heard about Beijing, and this place is just at a few hour drive from Beijing. The place back in the times was a relaxation place for the rulers of China, and they used to make policies in their private villas. The place is popular among Russian tourists hence you are going to encounter them in plenty over here. The place is well known for the seafood served here and also the ice chilled beer.

These are the top 5 pick for the 5 Best beach Destination of Asia, do let us know with your pick, and we will surely be covering those in our next story.