Reading Audiobooks is Beneficial than You Think

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No one in this entire world has been spared from reading books. Whether it was because of academics or novels, we all have read books. As much as we love reading books, there is one problem which is of carrying books everywhere. So far we never realised this issue but since the time technology has started making our lives easier, we have started giving the alternate options a fair chance as well. When it comes to reading books online, there are two easy options that you can go for i.e. reading books on smartphones through various Apps or listening to audiobooks. Out of these two options, Audiobooks is a relatively newer facility and some would argue that it is better than reading on phones. But it is absolutely subjective and both the options have their own merits and demerits. This article talks about how listening to audiobooks is advantageous and how by incorporating these into your life, you can reap its benefits.

Faster Learning

When you are in the process of learning with the help of audiobooks you can pace the speed as per your wish and so the information you are absorbing is happening in the exact space you grasp things. It is just like reading between the lines but with the twist of listening between the lines. You can go faster or slower as per your wish, whichever speed makes it easy for you to comprehend.

Saves Time

Audiobooks are a great way to multitask. You can’t achieve this goal using any other method, be it online or offline. If you are listening to a light-hearted audiobook then it can be compared to listening to a podcast or a stand-up show. At the same time, you can carry out any task of your preference like eating or cleaning your house or any other work that doesn’t require your undivided attention. This is especially beneficial when you are commuting and at that point in time, it can be used just like any other entertaining device.


Both the audiobooks and online books are portable but there are certain places where you can read only audiobooks like in cars, trips or when you are walking or running. One of the greatest advantages of listening to audiobooks is the space you get for imagination. The narrator of the books acts like an actor to your ears without the pictures and that is where your imagination enters. This is a good activity for your brain wherein you are creating visuals in your head while listening.


Audiobooks are extremely convenient and you can very easily store them on your phone, iPod, computer and also in your car. Hence, the content is very easily accessible and so you can continue your book exactly from where you left off. Whether the place is quiet or filled with people, you can always read books regardless of the noise level.


There are times when we feel like skipping on a certain part while reading a book, especially in conceptual books and biographies. For cases like these, it is always better to listen to them since you don’t need to pay close attention to those tiny details. Also, there are times when we buy a book and when we try reading it, boredom seeps in. On the contrary, when you try to listen to those books, for some reason, you will find them bearable and some might even find it entertaining.


Just like listening to music uplifts our mood, similarly listening to a book instead of reading one can increase our level of happiness. See it in this way, reading motivational quotes will help us cope with problems but listening to a person who’s trying to motivate you will leave a lasting impression, right?

Whether it is reading books online or listening to them, we all should try and find time to read books. When we read on a regular basis it makes us more knowledgeable and adds perspective to our life. Audiobooks are most definitely a great way to gain this wisdom. Just be careful about the phone you are using because you will need a good battery backup and a nice sound system. If you are looking for affordable phone brands then you can go for Panasonic India (Eluga Ray 700 with 5.5’’ FHD display), Xiaomi and Motorola India to make your experience even better.

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