How to Treat a Hematoma

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Severe impact on the body can cause some damage to your blood vessels and you might notice the presence of a hematoma after a period of time. In most cases, hematoma leads to bruises at the affected location. Obviously, when you have them on your body, especially on your face, you feel less confident. But luckily, this article will give you a helping hand to treat this problem effectively.

What is Hematoma?

The hematoma is a medical term to indicate the blood clotted outside of your vessels. To be more precise, if you get injuries like fall, slip or motorbike collision, it totally results in some broken blood vessels. Therefore, blood will leak out and flow into the surrounding areas. All of the above is the reason why you see an unsightly hematoma under your skin.

What Causes Hematoma?

As mentioned above, there are many causes of hematoma that you might experience in your daily activities. Some of the most common reasons are below:

  • Damage from contact sport
  • Car accident
  • Fall, slip
  • Physical impact
  • Wearing too-tight shoe

In fact, hematoma, along with bruise, perhaps causes a lot of embarrassments and discomforts to your life. For instance, as you have a presentation on a new product or a meeting with your manager in the next few days. Otherwise, everyone could negatively comment on your relationships as well as private problems. In order to get rid of hematoma quickly, you can apply some natural remedies right at your home. Thereby, you don’t waste your money and time at the drugstore or local clinic.

Home Remedies for a Hematoma

  1. Cold Compress

One of the simplest home remedies on how to treat a hematoma is cold compress, which you can prepare it in a few minutes. On one hand, cold temperature makes your blood vessels contracted, therefore it prevents the injury from swelling up. On the other hand, this compress eases the pain, uncomfortable symptoms and helps you feel more relaxed. After a few days, you will no longer see the unsightly areas under your skin.

How to apply

  • Prepare cold compress by putting some ice cubes in a pack
  • Apply it on the affected areas for 10 – 15 minutes
  • Repeat this method twice per day to get rid of a hematoma quickly.
  1. Hot Compress

Like cold compress, this is another simple home remedy that you should try to get rid of a hematoma. With the hot temperature, it stimulates the circulation of blood around your hematoma areas. As a result, blood clots are prone to disappear gradually and you also feel less painful after performing this solution several times. It is recommended that you had better apply this remedy during your recovery period.

How to apply

  • Get a pack and fill it with hot water, carefully apply it on the affected areas. Move it around the skin suffered from hematoma gently. Follow this tip 2 – 3 times a day as needed
  • Alternatively, you can soak a soft towel into the hot water, then remove excess water and put in on your hematoma.
  1. Tea Tree Oil

If you are looking for the ways to treat a hematoma, tea tree oil will be your best choice. Indeed, the anti-inflammation and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil help you reduce the swelling as well as break the clot. Furthermore, this essential oil is easily absorbed into the inner layers of your skin and boosts the recovery effectively. By doing the tip daily you will restore your skin back to beautiful soon.

How to apply

  • Pour some drops of tea tree oil on the affected skin areas
  • Use your fingers to massage it slowly
  • Keep doing that about 15 – 20 minutes
  • Repeat the solution several times a day until you see the improvement.

It is advised that you can mix two types of essential oil together in the same amount to achieve a better result.

  1. Cabbage Leaf

Cabbage leaf has been widely used to treat a hematoma by people all over the world in recent years. In fact, cabbage leaf includes the anti-inflammatory content which helps your body deal with hematoma productively. Moreover, it is able to stimulate your healing process for bruises and injuries faster.

How to apply

  • Extract the fresh juice from cabbage leaves and dab it on your hematoma gently. Do this tip on a daily basis to get rid of hematoma.
  • Another option is to soak cabbage leaf in a bowl of hot water, after a minutes remove the excess water. Let it cool down to the room temperature, then apply it on the suffered skin. Keep following the remedy as needed.
  1. Parsley

Being packed with vitamins is the reason why parsley becomes a wonderful home remedy for hematoma. As you know, parsley has the ability to speed up your recovery and soothe symptoms of hematoma. Besides, parsley is highly nutritious, it can also nourish as well as brighten your skin.

How to apply

  • Get some parsley leaves and clean it with salt water
  • Extract the juice of these leaves by crushing them
  • Rub it on your affected areas with a cotton ball
  • Perform this solution 2 – 3 times a day until the ugly skin is disappeared.
  1. Turmeric

The effects of turmeric on treating a hematoma will make you surprised. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory property in turmeric, it is able to help reduce the pain and risk of swelling. Additionally, turmeric aids your body in breaking up the blood clots in deep veins and repairing damaged vessels. Hence, you will restore the skin back to its initial color quickly.

How to apply

  • Mix some turmeric powder with a little alum to create a mixture
  • Rub it on your leg and massage the affected areas slowly
  • Repeat the tip every day until hematoma goes away.
  1. Vitamin C

Daily consumption of vitamin C is truly useful for dealing with a hematoma, do you know that? Fruits and vegetables contain a great source of vitamin C, therefore you need to eat them in large quantities frequently. Furthermore, vitamin C supports your immune system and overall health to fight against infection effectively. Some healthiest fruits that you should consume are oranges, apples, blueberries…

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