Home Remedies for Fleas

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Fleas are tiny brown parasites that require mammalian blood to survive. Flea is a wingless blood sucking insect, but it can leap the distance of 1000 times of its height. Because of their tighter grip on the fur of the animals, fleas generally use pets (cats and dogs) as their host. However, humans can also be used as host to fleas. Close contacts between pet and human can transmit these fleas to humans as well. Bite of a flea produces itching and burning sensations. Allergic persons or pets may suffer from reaction throughout the body which sometimes results into rashes and red spots. Moreover, fleas can also transmit the infectious diseases from pet to human which makes eradication of fleas necessary.

What are the remedies for fleas?

Once a blood source (host) is found, a female flea can produce 20,000 eggs in just three months of a cycle. Pest control can help reducing the terror of fleas; however, the faster reproduction rate of the fleas makes it very difficult to eradicate fleas completely. Moreover, the pest control chemicals are also harmful for human health. Home remedies for the fleas are safe, effective and cheaper alternative to pest control. This article will provide some useful tips about home remedies for fleas. Use these home remedies as a regularly as a routine to get the maximum benefits.

Bath your pets regularly:

Bathing the pet using herbal shampoo is the primary step to remove the fleas from them. Herbal shampoos containing neem, lavender, and citronella can be helpful. A small quantity of white vinegar can also be added to the bathing water. Do not forget to brush your pet while bathing.

Food of your pet

Give little garlic or clove to your pets. Garlic oil or clove oil can be mixed with the food if pet is not eating them directly. Garlic and clove have proven anti parasitic activity which would help in getting rid of the fleas. Literature also says of adding sulphur or vinegar to the pet food, but I would suggest to consult your veterinary doctor before doing it.

Keep your house clean

Researchers have proven that 95% of the fleas are found from the house rather that from the fur of the pet. Maintaining hygiene of the house can control the multiplication of the fleas. Here are some home remedies for keeping the house free from fleas.

Use Antiseptics for cleaning the floor:

Cleaning the floor with antiseptic water is necessary at least once in a week. Antiseptic decreases the chance of transmission of infection through fleas apart from the destroying their eggs. Various qualities of antiseptics are available in the market.

Keep your bedding and furniture Clean

Vacuuming is the best home remedies for fleas as it destroys the eggs as well. Make it a daily routine to vacuum each possible thing. Wash your as well as your pets bedding regularly. Just keeping them in sunlight is not going to solve the purpose. Similarly, carpets and sofa covers should also be washed regularly. Otherwise, sprinkling sulphur powder or natural borax with salt can help getting rid of the fleas.

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