Consulting Services for uPortal – Understanding the Benefits

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The Origin of uPortal

uPortal was introduced way back during the era where the World Wide Web vendors had just started to link with the Yahoo! The portal phenomenon offered free campus portals to various institutions. Gradually, uPortal evolved as a strong source to meet the requirements of its users. Most small projects evolving around portlet development have capitalized on shared efforts of numerous institutions struggling to find solutions to common issues.

uPortal gained recognition by Educause as a Catalyst Award winner for the year 2007. This fact underlines the reality that higher education holds ample capacity of being an active contributor to its own technology prospects.

It is 100 per cent free open source software as opposed to its competition. Today, uPortal is consistently evolving through contributions made from its worldwide community. It is also supported by the following from academic institutions, commercial affiliates, and non-profit foundations:

– Resources

– Grants

– Donations

– Membership fees

Focus on Education

The uPortal is developed by the academic community. This makes the software gain an edge as the foremost enterprise portal framework dedicated to education. Since the design of uPortal considers the unique and usually complex cases of the academic institution. Presently, uPortal has emerged as the most widely used open source portal solution. It also enjoys a huge number of successful deployments.


The design principal of uPortal takes into account the diverse and growing needs of academic institutions. It also considers a varied set of systems deployed by different campuses. The integration implementations it came with are easy to configure with user systems. Since the framework is easily pluggable, it facilitates institutions to develop implementations that can be customized for specific business requirements.

Highly Accessible

The durable uPortal framework ensures dynamic performance even under the highest loads. Deployment of this framework is easier in a clustered environment. The best part is that it works on virtually all types of software and hardware.

uPortal supports user bases for many thousands with single installation serving over 8 million users. A huge number of organizations have implemented virtual portals using the similar underlying installation.

Resources and Support

Apart from the much sought after dynamic functionality and advanced technology, most community resources are accessible through the community of experienced portal enthusiasts and developers. One of the best things is that these high quality resources are easily accessible to you free of cost. Here’s what you can expect:

– Access to all maintenance related releases and bug fixes at no cost at all.

– Free access to roadmaps, community calls, and demonstrations.

– Security notifications access without any fee.

– Access to portlet user, development email lists, and portal for free.

– Free manual on portal administration.

Other benefits include training, custom development, and paid support, available through most commercial solution providers.

In a Nutshell

Presently, uPortal has emerged as one of the most widely implemented open source enterprise portal frameworks. It has been specifically developed by and for higher education. Many hundreds of organizations have adopted this in across 20 nations around the world.

The consulting services for uPortal have reached innovative levels of development. Its adoption ritual continues to rise. Institutions are now looking for innovative campus portal technology. Apart from maintaining the present versions of production and employing efforts on future releases, the community has also formalized plans for development and a new strategy for product release.

At present, uPortal is considered as the core of diverse commercial enterprise portal products. It has reached universities and colleges with varied deployment alternatives and support models.

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