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How to Prevent Injuries While Playing Baseball

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How to Prevent Injuries While Playing Baseball

Baseball is, undoubtedly, the favorite sport and the most played game in the United States. Be it a small kid or a 40-year-old man, you say baseball once, and all will be rushing to play this magnificent game full of excitement and thrill.

With a majority of the young players getting involved in baseball, the chances of injuries are bound to rise. Out of those injuries, some can be utmost severe and can prove to be life-threatening. The condition of injuries is becoming a hot topic of debate and eradication of such things should be a person’s top priority. Therefore, you should know about the how to stay protected from the most common injuries that can occur while playing baseball.

For anyone to remain absolutely fit and less prone to injuries while playing baseball, here are the 6 ways to prevent baseball injuries.

1.Warming Up

Warming Up is the necessity of any sport and the same goes on with baseball too. Every sports player is required to do a warm up session before they go on the field to strike some action.

With a proper warm-up, blood circulation improves and this helps in the pumping up of the muscles to make it ready for the action. Warm up not only helps in the prevention of injuries but also improves the on-field performance on many occasions.

2. Stretching

Stretching stands to be the second pillar for the prevention of Injuries. Unlike warm-up which focuses on an improved blood circulation, Stretching is a whole different. With stretching, you are targeting the core muscle groups, working them out with the highest possible contractions and thus eliminating any muscular lethargy.

With stretching, the muscle fibers are stimulated; body performs with full flexibility and helps in the prevention from injuries to a great extent.

3. Ensure proper safety gear and equipment

In any sport, sports equipment and safety gear are the core components. They were invented for providing safety to any sportsperson, and the same is applied to every sport no matter what the situation is. In baseball, all your equipment has to be worn properly and with complete concentration.

A very common mistake, players make is, they wear normal shoes while playing baseball. You should wear baseball cleats instead of normal sports shoes.

In some cases, equipments if broken should be repaired immediately or else a new pair of equipments must be a part of your training kit as early as possible.  By wearing a safety gear, any collision or accident can be prevented quite easily and comfortably.

4. Change positions on the Field

Sometimes, the playing session can be a long hour, and players remain in their respective positions for all those times. However, it is advised not to allow pitchers to continue as pitchers over the whole period. With such condition, it can put a strain on the pitcher’s arm, and further lead to serious injuries.

Thus, if you are a pitcher, it is advisable to change your positions at regular intervals of time either as a keeper or a catcher. Hence, with the intention to reduce the number of injuries, pitchers rotate in different positions.

5. Optimum Rest is the key

Playing each day with a minimal or no resting can be the reason for your injury. Human bodies are made to work, but they do need a significant amount of rest to regain their natural functionality and stamina.

Without adequate recovery, the performance levels are bound to drop, and the body starts to compromise on certain aspects regarding its well-being. Thus, it is recommended to inculcate some rest days in between your games to keep up the level of performance strong and consistent. 

6. Work on your technique

An incorrect technique is the biggest cause of any injury and shoulder dislocation is the deadliest of all. The UCL tears in pitchers can be severe enough to end the carriers of pitchers for the entire life. Pitchers should have a keen focus on working on their techniques at an absolute level of perfection.

With inculcation of a correct technique in training session, the longevity and performance will automatically increase and in turn will allow maximum performance to be unleashed from your body. Hence, proper body mechanics and a significant knowledge on techniques are a must for every baseball player.

At last, playing baseball is absolutely fine, but there are some guidelines, safety measures and proper training techniques which help in playing baseball freely and at a minimum risk of injuries. Follow the above ways, and you will surely have no complaints regarding injuries whatsoever in the long run.