A Testament to the Transformative Impact of TV & the Internet

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Any attempt made towards living life in the contemporary world without the amenities of TV and the Internet is bound to end in frustration for a weary sojourner. The unceasing toils (helped not in the least by a rabid and existential undercurrent of hopelessness) that seem to characterize modern life need to be countered by an entertaining medium that can successfully induce a potent cathartic effect in the mind of the fatigued surveyor. Without this support, the continued survival of the species in an increasingly mechanized and materialistic world would be put at risk. The new-age technological implements of the Internet and television both come equipped with this brain-rejuvenating service offering. In addition, they can be used to provide an unprecedented level of connectivity to their users – so that no matter where they may be located within the world (at a particular point in time), they can always remain fully immersed in the sociocultural dynamics of the spatial settings that may personally or professionally demand their attention. Remaining connected to others, nowadays, has been made significantly easier (in contrast with previous ages) – thanks to a range of inexpensive tv and internet deals offered by fiercely competitive entertainment service providers operational the world over. And with the deluge of even newer subscription plans offered by these same commercial enterprises (that feature 3-in-1 services), it seems as if the world is set to merge even closer than we may have once anticipated.

The Evolution of the Television Set

TV today has transformed in significant ways from the cumbersome black-and-white screened technological oddity that most entertainment consumers living in the 70’s were familiar with. Nowadays, ‘Smart TV’s’ happen to court the attention and fancy of entertainment industry analysts around the world, and offer a range of internet-enabled service features which ensure thateach on-screen viewing session continues to transcend the expectations set by a previous televised sensory experience. Additional built-in service add-ons like Bluetooth connectivity allow users to seamlessly sync their pocket cellular devices and digital notebooks with their TV sets – as well as transfer the content stored in one tech. gadget to the other (for broadcasting purposes). Through the use of nifty tv and internet streaming services like Netflix and Hulu (which also come with associated apps on most viewing devices), it has now become possible to enjoy the latest collections of blockbuster movies and TV shows in clear high-definition – and with relatively inexpensive subscription fees.

When looked at from the standpoint of a busy worker bogged down by a hectic office schedule, these entertainment services (which do not require lengthy downloading times to make their content accessible to viewers) prove to be a veritable godsend in chasing away those all too intimidating blues which surface from time to time. For many people, the entire list of ‘wonders’ made possible by the modern TV set have meant that the traditional role of the cinema (which once played a decisive role in their entertainment consumption preferences) in their lives has gradually waned. This shifting trend partly explains the hike in DVD and Blu-Ray Disk Sales and their associated media players in the tech.market. Another noticeable shift in consumer demand has come in the form an increased interest in software media applications that make playback of multimedia content possible on portable devices. Several news outlets have recently run a string of documentaries which showcase how young adult males (aged between 18 and 25 years) spend – even waste – countless hours of their productive time watching movies and TV shows on their pocket mobile phones – powered by a high-speed cable tv and internet service. The said educational flicks, aired successively on the Discovery Channel, explained how binging regularly on video content mimicked the mechanisms of opiate addiction on the neuronal (cellular) level – with the documentation of these physiological changes made possible through state-of-the-art Neuronal MRI technology.

What the Internet hath brought forth…

The advent of the Internet Age sparked a definitive turning point in how humans engaged with their entertainment and connectivity needs. With the rise in high-speed connections offering data-transfer speeds in the 10-100 Mbps range, transferring heavy multimedia content became a viable option for consumers and businesses. Nowadays, most internet-using communities around the world are equipped with these connections, with some even reportedly employing gigabit transmission lines to fulfill their downloading needs. With the provision of consistently cheap Charter internet deals and their widespread dissemination in every social sphere – achieving a state of anonymity has rapidly become quite a challenge.

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