8 Spectacular Beaches in Bali

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Bali is undeniably among the most popular tourist destinations in the world witnessing an endless stream of tourist traffic all year round. While there are countless attractions to enjoy in Bali, its major attraction remain the glorious beaches it is home to. Replete with sandy shores, limestone structures, spectacular reefs, and breathtaking panoramic views, the beaches of Bali are among some of the best in the world. Here’s a list of some of the best beaches in Bali you can explore on your trip to this remarkable place.

The world’s best beaches in Bali:

  1. Legian Beach:

With its name meaning ‘sweet’ in Balinese, can this beach be anything but awesome! The place is most popular among night owls owing to its extravagant nightlife. Many people, especially first-timers, will find similarities between Legian and Kuta beach as they both have a rocking night scene. A stroll down the scenic and famed Double Six Beach will forever change your views about nightlife in Bali. It’s also home to some of the 10 best beach clubs in Bali.

  1. Kuta Beach:

Kuta Beach is among the most popular and highly frequented beaches in Bali. Boasting of scenic beauty, a hip nightlife, and plenty of top-notch restaurants in the vicinity, Kuta Beach is a must-visit. Perpetually crowded owing to its popularity, this is a great place to visit especially during New Year’s or Christmas. However, if you’re looking for a quiet beach to hang out, this isn’t the ideal choice. This is best suited for night owls and hardcore party animals.

  1. Jimbaran Beach:

This fairly secluded beach is the best one to visit for travelers looking for a serene, less-crowded beach. Popular especially among couples, this is an ideal place to visit if you wish to spend some quiet quality time with your beau. Take a stroll along the stunning beach and enjoy breathtaking views of the sunset. If you venture a little further, you’ll find a remarkable hidden place covered in a thick canopy of tropical forest.

  1. Tanjung Benoa Beach:

Once a fishing village and dock, the Tanjung Benoa Beach is among the most popular ones for water sports today. Like the others, this place has also been revamped and modernized to accommodate luxury resorts and world-class restaurants among several other things. But water sports remain a major attraction drawing scores of adventure enthusiasts to the beach. You can try anything and everything from scuba diving and snorkeling to water jet skiing and motorboat riding.

  1. Seminyak Beach:

One of the most fashionable beaches in Bali, Seminyak Beach is an awesome place to visit. Home to some of the best luxury hotels, resorts, and restaurants and other entertainment options, this is one of the most spectacular beaches to visit in Bali. This is an especially great beach to visit if you happen to be a shopaholic as you will find a vast range of amazing shops, fashion stores, and boutiques. Foodies can head to explore the endless stream of restaurants lined up offering mouthwatering food.

  1. Sanur Beach:

Another place that witnessed a stunning transformation from a fishing village to a happening beach, Sanur Beach is among the top places to visit in Bali. You’ll be amazed that this remarkable beach with the utmost modern amenities was once a simple fishing region. From elite restaurants and lavish beachfront hotels to luxury resorts and an assortment of bars, you will find anything and everything at the Sanur Beach. Giving off a blend of contemporary aura and modern vibe, this is among the most exotic beaches to explore in Bali.

  1. Amed Beach:

This is another great beach for trying some of the most exciting water sports in Bali. If you happen to be an adventure sports enthusiast, this is the best beach to visit. Apart from adventure sports, other attractions you can enjoy include the historic shipwreck placed mesmerizingly on Amed’s seabed and a beautiful, vibrant marine life. Offering such amazing attractions over and under the water, Amed Beach is among the best ones to visit in Bali.

  1. Karma Beach:

Property of the extremely famous Karma Kandara Resort, this is one of the most luxurious beaches to visit. Offering some of the best private pool villas in Bali, it allows guests to enjoy a secluded yet one of the most amazing beaches and lagoons in Bali. An ideal locale for the upscale travelers, Karma Beach is perpetually brimming with picnickers and other tourists enjoying the heavenly ambiance. Offering endless attractions, you can enjoy a tropical feel coupled with a 5-star experience at Karma Beach.

There are scores of more such amazing beaches to explore in Bali. Dreamland Beach, Nyang Nyang Beach, Tegal Wangi Beach, and Echo Beach are some of the many other beaches you can explore in Bali. So delay no more! Book cheap flights and head out to explore some of the best beaches in Bali!

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