6 best trekking and camping places of Asia

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upper mustang trek nepal

5 best trekking and camping places of Asia

Asia happens to have many different mountains and valley and in plenty of different sizes and different shapes. You can easily trek through different routes here and feel like traveling a whole new trek each time. Asia happens to have the mountains with snowcapped peaks, glacial lakes and a host of unique wildlife which for sure inspires the people to travel to get some great moments at the place. It’s not always by Car, Train, Bike you can make moments but the best moments and experiences come from travel by foot. Let us have a look at the best trekking and camping places of Asia so you can plan a trek in the best place which is nearer to your summer vacation holiday destination.

Wayanad, Kerala – India

Wayand is a hub a small trekking places in Kerala India. Kerala is like a collection is several hill station with Wayand being one of the most beautiful. In Wayand there many small peaks like the Banasura hill which is by the Banasura Sagar Dam and the Chembra peak which is famous for the heart-shaped lake. Other trekking places in Wayanad include Pakshipathalam, Edukkal Caves, Brahmagiri Peak

Trekking places in wayanad
Trekking places in wayanad

Annapurna Circuit and Upper Mustang Trek – Nepal

This trek is one of the oldest treks of Asia and is found in the Himalayan range of mountains. The Trek is quite long at 17 – 21 days and you will have to keep all the Camping materials with you to complete the trek. In the trail, you will be passing through the Thorung La Pass which is the highest point at 5,416m. The Trek goes through different villages and Hindu Holy sites hence you will travel a host of different places while trekking. From last 5 years, this trek has been at the top of the Top 5 or Top 10 list of treks of Asia.

Now the Upper Mustang trek takes you to a place of Tibetan Buddhist culture, an isolated Buddhist empire called the kingdom of Mustang or Lo Manthang. The Tibetan culture here is unspoiled at all and heavily preserved in the pure form. The Upper Mustang trekking trail is quite difficult and follows the old ancient salt caravan route which the people of Lo Manthang used to trade salt.

upper mustang trek nepal
upper mustang trek nepal

Kamchatka – Russia

Russia happens to be one of the largest blocks in the world and the most active region with many volcanoes active and a number of geysers and hot springs along the treks. Kamchatka is a peninsula and hence there is no connecting road i.e. you will have to take a helicopter or snowmobile or an off-road vehicle to reach the trekking route. You will even get to experience the Kamchatka brown bears and landscapes you will be getting at the place.

Gondogoro La – Pakistan

This trek happens to be connecting the two-glacier found in Pakistan which is the Gondogoro Glacier and Baltoro glacier. These are then indeed connected to the Shigar Valley.  During camping and trekking at the place you are going to get the views to the K-2, Broad Peak, Masherbrum and many other places these are just a few to name. You will pass through the Karakorum region of Pakistan while trekking. The mountain you will cross during the trek is also one of the highest mountain in the world, and also the highest mountain passes in the world. If you wish to trek at the place then the best time happens to be after June and before November which is the time when the trek is the easiest.

MT Kinabalu – Malaysia

If you are not an experienced trekker and still need to try one of the Top 5 Treks of Asia in the beginner phase then the Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia happens to be the best. The trek is quite small at just 2 days in length and is the easiest peak for the professional trekkers out in the wild. Although it is easy you are going to enjoy the sunrise from the place and it is quite famous for the sunrises and sunsets from the place.

The Snowman Trek – Bhutan

This is the biggest trek in the list of top 5 treks and camping destination. This trek happens to pass through many different regions of Bhutan and we will get many jaw-dropping views while doing the trek. This trek happens to be the extension to the Laya Gasa Trek, and as you saw the length, this trek happens to be only for the hardcore trekkers. Apart from being on the list of the Top 5 Trekking and Camping sites of Asia, the Snowman Trek is also listed to be in “the most difficult trek in the world.” If you are looking for some real fun while hiking then this place is for you and a must do the trek.

These are our pick to the Top 5 Treks and Camping location of Asia, if you don’t agree with the list do let us know with your pick of the Top 5 treks and help others by letting them know more treks in Asia which are best.

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