6 best paragliding places in India

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Flying in the sky is the dream of many, you might have fear from a height but deep inside you must be dreaming about flying high up in the sky. Flying in an airplane is nothing, and if you want the real bird’s eye view, and want to experience the feeling that a bird gets while flying or making it more dramatic, a superman gets while he flies.

Paragliding was invented back in the 1940s and now is quite a popular sport, but is only available to the places where we have hills, valleys, and mountains. Today we are going to talk about the best 5 paragliding places in India. If you are looking to adventure the thrill then these are the best place to start.

Vagamon, Kerala

Vagamon is the only paragliding location which is emerging internationally at a really high pace. Vagamon Paragliding in organized by Fly Vagamon. The place is situated at the border of Kottayam and Idukki district and is above 1,100m above the sea level. The climate of the place is the real decent climate which everyone for sure is going to enjoy. If you are looking to travel to the place via Air Medium then the end part might get tough for you to the nearest airport from the place is more than 150KM. Although other mediums are quite easy. Vagamon happens to be the best location to be seen from a height and enjoy the thrill by looking at the tea plantations.

Paragliding in Vagamon
Paragliding in Vagamon
Paragliding in Nandi hills Bangalore
Paragliding in Nandi hills Bangalore

Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Nandi Hills is a magnificent place to share in a wide range of adventure sports and activities and Paragliding being one of them. Paragliding in Nandi Hills Bangalore is organized by Xtacee Paragliding Club, Bangalore under the brand FlyNandi. Nandi Hills is situated at a distance of around 60 km from the city of Bangalore in Chikballapur area. You may visit the Nandi Hills whenever you want and at any part of the year. The Nandi Hills has the ideal slopes that are required for paragliding. The climate is too good and the spring season temperature comes in between 29 and 23 degrees. Amid the winters the temperature at the Nandi Hills floats between of 21 and 11 degrees.


Kunjapuri, Uttarakhand

This place in Uttarakhand is quite famous for Paragliding, not only paragliding you can enjoy trekking at the place which you will have to ultimately do to reach the place for paragliding. If you are afraid of the same you can at least accompany your friends on the trek. The sunsets and sunrises at the place are the real gems and you will for sure be mesmerized by the looks you will be offered. The place is located near Shiwaliks and while flying we will be enjoying the views of the peaks such as Gangotri and Banderpunch.


Yelagiri, Tamilnadu

Although you might not have heard about the place Yelagiri but must have heard about Vellore, and yelagiri is nearby only and falls in the same district. The international paragliding festival is held each year by the Yelagiri Paragliding club, the fest is organized each year in September, if you are an enthusiast then you can join them. The Yelagiri Paragliding Club is a club of paragliding enthusiasts and they do provide you professional equipment and instructors if you are a member. In Yelagiri there are three take-off points which are identified till now which are at a height of 450, 560, and 600 meters above the ground level.

Sikkim India

Although Sikkim is the smallest state of India, but is a major tourist attraction. Paragliding in Sikkim is organized by mainly Adventure Zone Sikkim and Fly Sikkim Adventure. There are many different types of places to explore and with time the place is becoming famous among adventure seekers. There are places in Sikkim where you can experience paragliding and experience the place from the sky. Sikkim is also one of the best places in India if we talk about the architecture and the landscape, that from high up in the sky is something everyone for sure is going to appreciate.

Paragliding in Sikkim
Paragliding in Sikkim

Pavagadh, Gujrat

The Pavagadh Hill which is quite famous in Gujrat and neighboring states for its temple. The hill happens to be in the Aravali Range which is at a height of 800 meters from the sea level and is surrounded by the plains. Bellow the hill we have the historic city of Champaner, although you might be excited to know that the Pavagadh hill is actually a volcanic cone. Champaner, Pavagadh hill area forms an Archaeological Park which is spread over an area of 3,280 acres. You will enjoy the paragliding while having a look at Archaeological park from high up in the sky.

These are our picks for the Top 5 Paragliding locations in India, do let us know what you think about these in the comment section below.

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