5 Android Games That Ruled 2018

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In the horizons of mobile games, Android has been matching its strength with iPhone. And those who have just got brand new Android games like LG G6, Galaxy S8, etc., will be able to access a greater variety of games. Just go to Google Play, and you will get an excess of top games under the flag of different genres. Be it arcade or stimulation, adventure or puzzle, Android games are currently enjoying being in the limelight.

We recently interviewed an expert Mobile game developer in Dubai and assembled a collection of the best Android games that ruled the hearts of gamers in 2018.

Alto’s Adventure

Snowboarding has never been as easy as it is in the game, “Alto’s Adventure”. The game offers simple one-touch controls that help the user steer Alto (as well as other characters) on the low-high mountainous regions at high speed, while grinding edges, backflipping, jumping across chasms, spooking birds, and so on. Alto’s Adventure flaunts snowboarding tricks, beautiful landscapes, startling day-to-night transitions, friendly llamas, an enthralling soundtrack (try to keep your headphones on), and insanely hard goals to keep the users coming back over and over again.

Built by Snowman in 2015, Alto’s Adventure recently announced a delay in its most-awaited sequel, the Alto’s Odyssey. The company says and I quote, “It takes longer to build things right.”  People who have already played the original version of the game will surely understand it perfection is a priority for the developers.


This game is ideal for people looking for a fun and engaging collectible card game experience. The essence of Hearthstone is the all-time-famous Warcraft universe of Blizzard. Gamers are provided with a handful of meaty options for the single- and multi-player. Hearthstone is counted among one of the best games for a quick-play as well as something more detailed.

Hearthstone’s association with the Warcraft universe is very much obvious in its selection of nine heroes — all demonstrating one of the same nine available classes to the users of World of Warcraft in 2004 when MMO was introduced.

Plan escape: Torment

For a multitude of veteran gamers, Plan escape: Torment has been serving as an ideal role-playing title. Being a mishmash of strange setting with engaging storytelling, strange characters, impressive dialogue and gameplay mechanics, the game has got a bit of buzz. It’s now viewed an offbeat classic, famous for it’s strange, captivating and complex story; and emotional impingement. It is a jaw-dropping game that everybody should play at once.

Plague Inc.

The strategic game flaunts an amazing concept where every player is posed as a deadly disease combatting against each other in order to spread the plague, germinate new symptoms and eventually eradicate humankind.

Plague Inc. starts with Patient Zero and then the players need to spread their infection across the planet by placing tokens in the desired cities; this helps them earn DNA points and decelerate other players from prevailing. Players select the countries that are put on the board but the player needs to resist the climate and link to a country prior to spreading the infection. Finally, as countries become completely infected – the players use Death Dice to kill them. The deadlier the plague, the greater are the chances for the country is to be annihilated. After which players are provided with Event Cards that can make the receiver more competitive.

Lara Croft GO

The game is based on Tomb Raider-themed and resembles Hitman GO—the runaway hit— in terms of style. In Lara Croft Go, the game becomes more complicated: besides needing to eradicate your enemies from the sides or behind, you also need to go through collapsing ruins and puzzle out obstacle mazes. Good news for players is that there is no move counter now in the game so they can take enough time, and every level is shortened enough that you have to be cautious about the amounts of time when restarting. One of the best things about this game is that it works offline, so whenever you need kill time, like long plane rides.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is a relaxing puzzle game. The players have to help characters through amazing scenes where they have to face difficult architecture. Unlike its original version, the sequel has made a big change by concentrating more on storytelling. It boasts the story starring a mother and child, which is exhibited across fourteen chapters. The game has also brought light to a few innovative practices to engage with surroundings while unleashing new appealing levels.

These were some of the games that have received a considerable amount of attention and the greater number of downloads. Many businesses have been the gaming platform to market their businesses and that is why the demand of Mobile Games Developer, specifically in Dubai has been increased.

If you know other games as well that have made it to your list of favorite games, do share them here.

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